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What We Do

We assist school owners and investors to locate “superstar” performers to fill their campus director and  corporate-level leadership positions.

We work with career school professionals who want to move to the next level in their careers or relocate.

Assistance to School Owners

Describe your ideal candidate who will best fit into your institution.

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Assistance to Job Candidates and Seekers

Tell us your skills, talents, interests, and experience and we will  match them to the ideal career school position.

Email us your resume to have your credentials evaluated or click here to complete the online Job Seeker form. Reference checks follow legal employment guidelines.

Assistance to Investors and New School Owners


Email us to learn how highly-qualified candidates can bring your school to the next level or fill in until the right leadership is found.

Dear Susan,
Thank you for taking the time to respond, not many companies do and it can be frustrating. I appreciate your feedback.. Again Thanks

Job seeker, California

Susan, you're the best.

Job seeker