School Profitability: Benefit from The Endorsement of Alumni

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Stay in Touch with Your Grads to increase qualified enrollments and easily track retention and placement.

Discover the return on investment from Alumni Communities and how gainful employment requirements can be solved by Alumni organizations. You'll be able to reach graduates to ask where they are working and their earnings. Alumni can help to increase enrollment, retention, and job placement. You'll see a return on investment and your school will stand out from your competition.

Here is how we make it happen:

  • Assign a decision-maker to be your Alumni Community Coordinator.
  • Retain us for 10 hours a month for 3 months.
  • We set weekly phone meetings with your Coordinator and focus on tasks to be completed to stay on track.
  • Results are assessed at every step.
  • A model Alumni Community is developed and can be duplicated on every campus.

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