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Susan F. Schulz & Associates

Susan F Schulz & associates
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Ashley T. Wallace

Ashley Wallace is the Chief M&A Officer for Schulz School Advisors (SSA) and a Florida licensed Real Estate Broker. Ashley has over 20 years' experience in career school and college education. Before joining SSA, Ashley owned a for-profit, Title IV, COE accredited Cosmetology/Massage Therapy school. He has extensive experience with regulatory compliance, accreditation self-evaluations, default management, Department of Education's Program Participation Agreements, and mergers and acquisitions in the proprietary school sector. Ashley appreciates the nuances of operating and selling a school and the confidentiality that is required when selling. He has served 6 years as one of seven members on the North Carolina Board of Proprietary Schools, which regulates for-profit schools in the state. Ashley holds an MBA from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, a Master's of Public Policy Studies from Duke University, and a Master's of Educational Administration from the University of Nebraska.

Dr. Susan F. Schulz, Founding Owner, M&A Intermediary, and Florida Real Estate Associate

Dr. Schulz is celebrating 25 years of being in business consulting with owners of private postsecondary schools and colleges throughout the U.S. and internationally. She is a well-known speaker at various state associations, regional and accreditation conferences, and a contributor to sector publications.

Dr. Schulz works with school owners who want to develop their institutions, seek regulatory approvals, add director-level staff, and buy or sell private schools and colleges. For the past several years Dr. Schulz has been successfully building international education alliances. The goal is to match institutions in the U.S. with schools outside the country and facilitate acquisitions. In this way students as well as faculty and staff can learn and work together. They discover the commonality in seeking life's opportunities and overcoming challenges.

We reach over 25,000 career school and college decision- makers, regulators, and investors through our monthly emailings and over 10,000 via LinkedIn. "When a school is for sale or when a buyer has a specific request, or colleges want an international presence, we get to the marketplace quickly."

Dr. Schulz earned a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership from Florida Atlantic University and a master's degree in Higher Education and Administration from Columbia University.