Interested in Buying a Career School or College?

Susan F. Schulz & Associates

Susan F Schulz & associates
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The Buyer Advisory Program

Stand out as a serious buyer.

Buyers outnumber sellers because of increased interest in the career school sector. Serious buyers stand out by using our unique Custom Search strategy.

The Custom Search vs. “if you happen to hear about a career school for sale.”

Asking Brokers if they "happen to hear" is vague. The Custom Search shows seriousness, demonstrates you are a qualified buyer, and gets attention and results.

What We Do to Produce Results.

• Assist you to clearly define your goals.

• Create a profile of your ideal acquisition(s).

• Conduct a Custom Search of schools not listed for sale but whose owners are receptive to selling when approached.

• Evaluate the fair-market value of the acquisition and produce data to make a decision.

• Facilitate the transaction.


While Buyers pay the fees costs are actually reduced and the acquisition process is quicker.

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