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We are consultants to career schools and colleges nationwide. We also work with international school owners who want to establish a U.S. presence or set up or enhance a school in their own country. We specialize in licensing, accreditation, campus development, staffing, and mergers and acquisitions for the private postsecondary career school sector.

Are You Looking To...

  • Set up a New School?

    We assist you with new school applications in any state and with any regulatory body. We coach you on how to set up a school with a strong foundation for growth and that complies with regulations.

  • Develop Your School?

    We assist you with accreditation applications and other regulatory forms, renewals of any kind, trouble shooting, and introduce you to resources with products and services for school success.

  • Buy or Sell a School?

    We make it easy for you to sell your career school, acquire schools, or become a new school owner.

  • Add Staff or Change Careers?

    We offer high-level placement opportunities in career schools throughout the U.S. We locate “superstar” candidates to fill your executive and corporate openings.

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